The Holy Mountain

15 Aug 2022






Photo by Katinka Hustad

The Holy Mountain is a dark synth-pop trio from Norway with accordion, vocals, synth and drums. Since 2015, the band has produced an impressive discography of critically acclaimed, unique and genre-defying music with a taste for the dark and transcendental. Together with their immersive audio-visual live shows and distinct visual style, The Holy Mountain is a force to be reckoned with in the international alternative and indie music scene.

As a duo, the band released their debut studio album Toad of Light in 2018 on Shhpuma Records (Clean feed). The four-part instrumental release was a testament to dystopian sci-fi visions and cult aesthetics, themes that would follow the band further into the future. Two years later, the group became a trio and ventured deeper into the void with Ending it All Tonight, a fully-fledged electronic synth album inspired by synthwave/vaporwave and the joys and horrors of 80s pop culture.

With their next studio album, The Holy Mountain would push new musical grounds and depart from the previous. The Dawns Here Are Quiet (TDHAQ) was released in May 2023 and saw the band return to their original instrumentation of accordion, drums and synth, now with added vocals. Sonically, TDHAQ features eight tracks more reminiscent of Nordic jazz and indie-pop than anything else, with a vibe that's mellow and melancholic yet intense and uplifting. To date, TDHAQ is the most critically acclaimed and successful album in the band's history.

Already in early 2024, the trio is ready with their next EP, an upbeat breath of fresh air in their musical career. They Are Asleep is all about having a party in hell, with lyrical themes about collective ignorance, death, and the decay of nature, and music reminiscent of Y2K techno, synth-pop and sci-fi horror. The EP features the same instrumentation as TDHAQ but with a sound more raw, uncompromised and rock-n-roll than ever. They Are Asleep represents a synthesis in the band's history; a combination of all the best The Holy Mountain has had to offer. So join us where tensions are high, where the darkness is bright.

In addition to playing drums and synth for the band, I do most of the music tech work and maintain our official website. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.